The Imperial Constantinian

Military Order of Saint George

The Thirteen Rules of Chivalry

Know as "THE QUEST"



  1.  A True Knight Must Be A Gentleman, Yet Not Fail In His Duty.


  2.  A True Knight Must Uphold The Dignity Of Man And Woman, Remembering That All Are Born Free And Equal In dignity

       and Rights.


  3.  A True Knight's Manner Of Living Is An Example To The Young.


  4.  A True Knight Shall At No Time Act Outrageously Nor Do Murder Or Be Cruel In Any Way To Man Or Beast.


  5.  A True Knight Respects And Defends The Rights Of All Men And Women To Hold And Practice Religious Beliefs Other

       than His Own.


  6.  A True Knight Takes No Part In Wrongful Quarrel But At All Times Supports The Lawful Rights Of All Men And Women.


  7.  A True Knight's Word Is His Bond.


  8.  A True Knight Must Be Honorable In All Things And Know Good From Evil.


  9.  A True Knight Must Be Of Modest Demeanor And Shall Not Seek Worship Of Himself.


10.  A True Knight Must Seek Out Such Quests As Lead To The Protection Of The Oppressed And Never Fail In Charity,

        Fidelity, And The Truth.


11.  A True Knight Speaks Evil Of No Man. A Slanderous Tongue Brings Shame And Disgrace To An Honorable Knight.


12.  A True Knight Never Betrays A Trust Of Confidence Given To Him By A Brother Knight.


13.  A True Knight Must So Order His Life That By His Contribution; The People Of The World May Hope To Live Together

        in Greater Peace And Tolerance.