The Imperial Constantinian

Military Order of Saint George

 Book of Remembrance

Past Angels Among Us

A limb has fallen 

from the family tree

that says:

Grieve not for me.

Remember the best times,

the laughter, the song,

the good life I lived,

while I was strong.


Knight Grand Cross and Collar Saint George


HE Chevalier Dr. James Durward, Barron of Brusa, GCCSG, FSA Scot - Past Deputy Grand Master of the Order

Knight Grand Cross Saint George

HE Chevalier William Lowe, Count of Trebizond, GCSG - Past Grand Prior 



Knight Grand Officer Saint George


HE Chevalier Glenn Campbell, GOSG




Knight Commander Saint George


HE Chevalier Ralph Gunn, KCSG

HE Chevalier Dennis McHenry, KCSG

HE Chevalier William (Bill) Patterson, KCSG

HE Chevalier Robert Tracey, KCSG




Knight Officer Saint George


HE Chevalier Jock Campbell KOSG

HE Chevalier Rick Hicks KOSG

HE Chevalier Wayne McAfee, KOSG

HE Chevalier Dr. Robert McFarland, KOSG




Knight Saint George


HE Chevalier Thomas Van Horn, KSG




Dame Saint George


HE Dame Dorry Bush, DSG

HE Dame Jackie Hicks, DSG

HE Dame Marilyn Meador, DSG

HE Dame Barbara Webb, DSG




Companion Saint George


Honorable Ernest Young Jr., CSG




Chaplain – Companion Saint George


Honorable Very Reverend David Clark, CSG

Gone But
Not Forgotten....