The Imperial Constantinian

Military Order of Saint George

Magisterial Council

Sovereign Grand Master Of The Order

H.I.H. Princess Patricia Palaeologina

Deputy Grand Master of the Order



Grand Prior

HE Chevalier Alejandro (Alex) Hernandez, GCSG

Deputy Grand Prior

HE Dame Peggy Young, DOSG

Prior of the Mountains

HE Chevalier Michael Patritch, GOSG

Commander of the 1st Commandery of the Mountains


Commander of the 2nd Commandery of The Mountains

HE Chevalier Gary Gain, KOSG

Prior of the Plains

HE Chevalier Richard Ward, GOSG

Commander of the 1st Commandery of the Plains

HE Chevalier Richard (Rick) Monroe Powers, KOSG

Commander of the 2nd Commandery Of the Plains

HE Chevalier Ernest (Ty) Young III, KOSG

Herald for the Order

HE Chevalier Shawn Stansbury, GOSG


HE Chevalier Stephen Hawthorne, KOSG


HE Chevalier Everett Van Campen, KOSG




HE Chevalier Kent Woodward, KCSG

Herald Gules

HE Chevalier Jon Hernandez, KOSG

Magisterial Officer Commander

HE Chevalier Byron Thompson, KCSG


HE Chevalier William (Bill) Agius, KOSG

Public Relations/IT

HE Dame Katherine Hernandez, DSG

Commandery of Australia

Commander of the Commandery of Australia

HE Chevalier Bruce McMullen, KOSG


HE Chevalier Kevin Lowe, GOSG - Past Grand Prior

HE Chevalier Doyle Stansbury Jr., Barron of Samos, GCSG - Past Deputy Grand Prior

"Knighthood lies above doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds they do.”